UL Profil, BORA-3 Race, Set size 2 - 13.3

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UL Profil, BORA-3 Race, Set size 2 - 13.3

Beitragvon Maarten Hansman » 17.05.2018

For sale, a set BORA-3 Race from UL Profil size 2 – 13.3
(The owner form UL Profil was the designer from the Libre Bora’s and started with the manufacturing for himself.)

Bora-3 Race 2.0 - green - (special made on request)
Bora-3 Race 2.6 - gold
Bora-3 Race 3.1 - gold
Bora-3 Race 3.7 - gold
Bora-3 Race 4.4 - green
Bora-3 Race 5.2 - yellow
Bora-3 Race 6.1 - green
Bora-3 Race 7.1 - yellow
Bora-3 Race 8.3 - gold
Bora-3 Race 9.7 - blue
Bora-3 Race 11.3 - yellow
Bora-3 Race 13.3 - red
Kites come ready to fly, with PKD handles (the 2.0 and 2.6 with libre handle)
For all the kites bridle adjusters have been replaced with a fixed bridle for optimal speed performance.

Preference will be given to selling the whole set at once.
If you are interested in the set, there is more to come with it.
Think of ground stakes, big sizes Ozone Kitebag, 2 Charly Insider helmets, Libre seatharnas with arminator, 2sec tent, spare parts. Etc. Etc.

Give me a good offer and they are yours.
Maarten Hansman
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